Figure Bukkake
So U girls get excited with a figurine covered in cum ?? kinda curious about the initiative os 2 girls to create this blog :)

Get your fucking nasty dick pic icon out of my face. For the record this does not make me horny!!! I just love cum covered anime girls.

Hello all! Thank you for continuing to stick with us during this very slow, desolate period. I do not know what Carolyn’s plans are for this blog, but I am ready to get posts up and running regularly again within this next weekend.

Please remember any submissions MUST come with the character’s name and origin for tagging purposes. Do not submit photos more than once, we are slow and will post it eventually.


I take great care of the figures I own, I don’t have a dick and I don’t cum on them. I don’t know what adverse effects semen, harsh soaps and water have on PVC. If you are worried about damaging a figure- don’t cum on her.

I just used soapy water. Just make sure the fig is gonna be easy to clean. I did it with one that had glasses and I had to use a toothbrush to get the cum from behind her glasses

You heard it here first.

Best blog to fap to 2013

I’d like to thank the academy, my family and our Lord who art in heaven Jesus Christ.